Inti Ombak Pencak Silat


Silat (pronounced "see-laht" ) is a general term to refer to the wide variety of martial arts that is indigenous to several island nations including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. Pencak Silat (rough pronunciation "pen-chalk see-laht" ) is used as a unifying term which combines pencak, a word common in central and east Java, with silat, a word common in Sumatra and Malaysia. 


Silat was adapted over hundreds of years and over a wide variety of environments and conditions, so there is no single, definitive silat style. Due to the shared history and culture of the region, there are several common traits which include emphasis on bladed weapon use and defense, strikes, joint manipulation, and evasion. Combined, these traits come together in a fluid and surprisingly effective form of fighting. 


Inti Ombak (Inner Wave) Pencak Silat is a combination of two different styles of silat. One style from Madura is traditionally practiced by fishermen who used low, wide stances for stability on boats, and one style from Central Java (Mataram) which was traditionally taught only to members of the royal family, and emphasizes defense and inner power. The Mataram style use high stances, flowery hand motions which allow for strong and fast striking, as well as extensive langkah patterns or footwork. The name Inner Wave is a reflection of these styles working together. High and low. Internal and external. Physical and mental. 

Guru Daniel Prasetya - 10th degree Black Belt


Daniel Sulestya Agung Prasetya was born in Surabaya, Indonesia, and is a direct descendant of Hamengkubuwono I, the king of the Mataram-Jogja Kingdom. He has been studying martial arts since 1984 and teaching since 1991. 


Daniel's great-grandfather, Mangun Hardjono, taught him the Mataram (royal) style. His uncle taught him the Maduran style. From these two styles, Guru Daniel developed Inti Ombak Pencak Silat. 

Guru Michael Leininger - 9th degree Black Belt


Guru Mike began his martial arts training in October of 1990 and has been actively training and teaching since then, owning or operating martial arts schools since 1993. He holds several ranks and titles in multiple types of martial arts, including receiving his 9th degree Black Belt in Indonesia in 2013. 


Mike brought the art of Silat to Minnesota when he moved to Crookston in July 2007. Since then, he has developed this school and passed on his training to many students, adults and children alike. He has recently moved to the Eastern US and is currently starting a new school there. 

Guru Thomas LaJesse - 2nd Degree Black Belt
Head Instructor, Crookston School


Guru Tom started training with Guru Mike in June of 2010.  He received the certification of 1st Degree Black Belt in August of 2016. Tom started teaching by helping with the kid’s class, and then substituting for the adults. He is now the Manager and Head Instructor for the Minnesota Silat School.

Guru Nicole Wandrie - Provisional Black Belt
Instructor, Crookston School


Guru Nikki began with Silat in Summer of 2012. She learned about Silat through her husband's coworker and their family was invited to observe a children's class. She was instantly hooked. Four years later, in August of 2016, she received the rank of Provisional Black Belt. Currently, she is a children's instructor and assists in teaching the adult classes.